HISD students take part in science academies

HOUSTON The students, from ninth and 11th grade, will travel for 3 to 7 days during the month of June or July, beginning June 7.

GeoForce Texas is a summer geology-based program that rewards outstanding students from across the state from grades 8-12. The students will learn about the field of geoscience and participate in interactive opportunities for critical thinking and practical field experience.

"GeoForce is a great opportunity for underrepresented students to be exposed to geosciences at a critical time in their lives," said GeoFORCE Program Coordinator Danielle Horton. "It grabs the students' attention in a big way when starting high school and gives them a reason to be motivated and excited about science."

Among the HISD participants are 16 students from HISD's Madison High School for Meteorology and Space Sciences.

"GeoForce Texas Summer Academies have impressive itineraries that will provide our magnet students a unique experience," said Madison High School Magnet Coordinator Yolanda Foster. "This experience will be a lasting one that will capture and motivate our students to excel in math and sciences courses and, most importantly, heighten their awareness of the geosciences and high tech careers."

Jarrett Mayon is a tenth-grade magnet student at Madison High School. He is 17 years old and plans to go to college after graduation to pursue a career in geology. "GeoFORCE will help me with learning math and science outside of the classroom and I am looking forward to the traveling experience," said Jarrett.

Linda Nguyen, a tenth-grader at Madison High, is 16 years old and wants to pursue a career in math and science. "I feel this program will enable me to be academically prepared to go to college," said Linda. "I'm looking forward to having a wonderful time with the GeoFORCE academy."

GeoForce Texas was launched to inspire the next generation of geoscientists and foster increased diversity in the U.S. workforce. Students who excel in math and science in the classroom enjoy the academy because it gives them a chance to apply their knowledge in the field. The experience also opens up a world of career opportunities.

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