Stars Among Us scholarship winners honored

HOUSTON The Stars Among Us scholarships were presented to children from immigrant and refugee families in middle school, high school and college in a ceremony at the Alliance's office. Among the special guests at the event were Congressman Al Green, St. Representative Scott Hochberg and the Stars Among Us 2008 honoree, Abdullah Jafari.

The student winners represent seven different countries. The scholarships are designed to encourage refugee and immigrant children to continue their education and to help families pay for school uniforms and supplies, extracurricular school activities and post-secondary education. The selection criteria included both academic achievement and community service.

Each of the six middle school graduates will receive a $400 scholarship. The five high school graduates and three college students will each receive a $1,000 scholarship. The public school winners are from the Alief and Houston Independent School Districts.

Since 2001, the Alliance has awarded more than $100,000 to 124 students from refugee families.

The 2008 Stars Among Us scholarship winners are:

    Middle School Graduates
  1. Hamadi Haji Abdi Somalia E.O. Smith Middle School (HISD)
  2. Hussein Mohamed Aweis Somalia E.O. Smith Middle School (HISD)
  3. Abdi Emoy Mohamed Somalia E.O. Smith Middle School (HISD)
  4. Noor Mahamud Muhina Somalia Olle Middle School (Alief)
  5. Haji Muganga Muya Somalia E.O. Smith Middle School (HISD)
  6. Ali Salah Shoble Somalia Ryan Middle School (HISD)
    High School Graduates
  1. Riam Hassan Abdulaahab Iraq Lee High School (HISD)
  2. Haneen Nabeel Al Rawi Iraq Lee High School (HISD)
  3. Maima Angela Fahnbulleh Liberia Lee High School (HISD)
  4. Eden Kesete Tsada Ethiopia Lee High School (HISD)
  5. Feven Kesete Tsada Ethiopia Lee High School (HISD)
    College Students
  1. Linh Tu Chau Vietnam University of Houston
  2. Brixhilda Manellari Albania Houston Community College
  3. Deborah Obilana Nigeria Houston Community College
In addition, special awards will be made this year to outstanding students in the Alliance's after-school programs.

The Alliance's mission is to provide a comprehensive mix of social and community development services to refugees, immigrants and low-income residents of Harris County to help them become self-sufficient and improve their quality of life. Alliance services include job training and counseling, interpretation, immigration services, ESL classes, financial tutoring and savings assistance and after-school programs.

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