Commissioners to vote on building more tolls

HOUSTON At some point, the commissioners will take a vote to try to move things forward when it comes to the Grand Parkway. But so far, there has been debate over Segment E of the project.

That project will be begin at Franz Road, which is in a fast growing area in the county. But two-thirds of the road would go through open and undeveloped parts of the county. Some feel the commissioners should be spending the money elsewhere to help relieve traffic.

"I think it's naïve that building a road out there is going to create relief. What it is going to do is lead to another 150,000 people out there who are climbing over the people who are onn (Highway) 290 today," said Harris County resident Robin Holzer. "I think it's going to do a great disservice to people who are already sitting in traffic congestion."

"The congestion is going to get much worse if we don't do something immediately. And this is the short. As far as I'm concerned, this is the quickest way to actually do something to help that area because the state of Texas is not going to do anything to 290 freeway for probably almost decade," said Harris County Commissioner Steve Raddick.

The vote today is not a vote to start construction of the Grand Parkway which is a 180 mile stretch that will connect Katy to Highway 290.

The segment would be a toll road under the control of the Harris County Toll Road Authority. HCTRA is currently in talks with TxDOT for the rights to build the entire Grand Parkway.

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