Man takes green living to a new level

HOUSTON From the moment you walk into Jeff Law's home, you know it's something special. But, there's certainly more than meets the eye.

Almost everything in his house is recycled. The structure is built from an old 1950s barrack.

For Law it's more than just an artistic passion, it's his way of helping out the planet.

"I was a product of the 1960s, so when all of that started in the 1960s and 1970s, I took it to heart," he said.

It's a passion that extends even outdoors.

Law has created a lush landscape using what's called xeriscaping, a form of gardening which requires little to no water.

"It's really good for the environment. You're not wasting water, [and] you're not using chemicals which end up in our food," Law said.

And Law doesn't just keep the green living to himself. A rehabbed old storage building behind his home can be rented for an eco-friendly event, and he even counsels other people on ways to turn their old stuff into new.

"The idea is not to make it look tacky, and most people love it," Law said.

Law admits that recycled living may not be for everyone, but for him at least, he can't imagine living any other way.

"It's my passion, but it's fairly safe. It keeps me off the streets and it's a good addiction," he said.

Law's last home was an old rehabbed grocery store. He has designed and built a total of 12 recycled homes already.

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