Store owner roughed up by deputies?

KATY, TX "People are running around afraid, I don't want to be afraid to dial 911," said business owner Lloyd Henderson who is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the sheriff's department.

Does Lloyd Henderson have reason to worry?

A surveillance video camera in his Katy computer store captured an early morning smash and grab burglary. So Henderson called the sheriff's office and what happened next is prompting new legal trouble for the troubled law enforcement agency.

"We went inside and he asked me for driver's license," Henderson told us. "I looked from them and couldn't find them."

Henderson's wife tried to offer her driver's license. In the surveillance video you see the officer not take it, back up a few steps and talk on his radio.

"And I looked at him and the next thing I know he said, 'put your hands behind your back,' and I said, 'what,'" Henderson told us. "He just slammed me, grabbed me by my neck and my arm and slammed me to the floor."

With Henderson on the ground handcuffed, his upset wife seeks a second officer who walked into the store. You see the first officer go the counter and start doing paperwork.

"Didn't ask me any other questions, didn't ask my wife any other questions," Henderson said.

The second officer takes the handcuffs off quickly and even helps Henderson up. By then the computer store owner is demanding the deputies leave.

"Mr. Henderson filed a complaint with the internal affairs division on November 13, 2007," said Captain John Martin with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "That investigation is complete and is awaiting the review by the lieutenant over the internal affairs division."

The FBI is reviewing the Henderson case too, but the results of neither investigation has been made public. And it's already been seven months since this encounter.

Seven months since a store camera captured a store owner thrown to the ground. No criminal charges in this case were ever filed.

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