Golfers' biggest hazard could be thieves

HOUSTON Police say thieves have been breaking into cars at Bear Creek Golf World in northwest Harris County, but it's what they leave behind that makes the crimes so unusual.

When Carol Borhor plays golf, she always plays it safe.

"I don't have even have a purse now," she told us. "I just put my stuff in my golf bag. I don't leave anything in my car that anyone can see."

Crooks are a lot like buzzards. They're always looking for easy pickings. At Bear Creek, it's Ford F-150 trucks left in the crowded overflow parking lot.

"pI do find it unusual. We haven't seen this M.O. or pattern in any of the parks," said Assistant Chief J.J. Laine with the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office.

It's unusual because thieves are punching out the locks, often times overlooking valuables left in plain sight, only taking money and credit cards.

"To buy gasoline is what it appears in this case, though the gentleman whose vehicle was broken into this past Monday, the credit cards were not used, " said Laine.

There have been four reported vehicle break-ins so far this year -- two on Memorial Day alone.

"I think maybe when it's more crowded, there's probably so many people around that people just don't pay attention," said golfer Lisa Mulvaney. "That's probably what happens."

In addition to stepping up regular patrols, Harris County Precinct 5 constables are using unmarked surveillance units with cameras to see who's coming and going to catch them in the act.

Police say always remember to hide your valuables or take them with you. They warn against covering them with something else. That, they say, could pique a thief's curiosity.

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