911 call released of teen's death

TEXAS CITY We first told you what happened about a month ago, and authorities finally released the dramatic 911 call. It was hard for us in the Eyewitness Newsroom to listen to, and as a result, we are only going to play specific portions for you. But we want to warn you, some of you may find what you're about to hear disturbing. [To hear portions of the audio, click 'watch video' on the above image]

Ronnie Sanchez says while it was hard for him to listen to the 911 tapes that detail what his daughter went through in her final moments, he also adds he needed to hear them to find out what took so long to get help.

Anet Sanchez stands where her niece Kristen, 19, spent the last moments of her life trying to get help.

"She's just panicking telling them, I lost control and in the water," she said.

Anet says it was rainy and dark on April 26th when Kristen lost control while driving down 146 South. As her car took on water she made a frantic call to 911.

Dispatcher: 911, what's your emergency?
Kristen: I'm fixing to drown, I'm fixing to drown, I'm fixing to drown.

Kristen's father Ronnie made the difficult choice of listening to the call that lasted about 9 minutes.

Kristen: I'm on highway (inaudible) and I'm fixin' to drown.
Dispatcher: What highway are you on? Are you on Highway 146?

It is difficult to make out what Kristen yelled out next. The dispatcher repeatedly asks for more specific directions.

Dispatcher: I need you to calm down, can you tell me where you coming from 45?
Kristen: Yes, I'm coming from Texas City.

Ronnie Sanchez says he wanted to hear the call to get some answers.

"At one point I just passed the plants after thinking about that, I know these people are trained they know these areas," he told us.

According to reports, emergency crews first arrived at this steel business about a football field from the pond Kristen was begging for help from.

"I want to know everything that was done in my daughter's whole complete rescue," Ronnie said.

The father of the teen asked authorities why reports show almost 30 minutes passed between the time of the dispatch and rescue crews going into the water.

Sanchez says while his faith is getting him through this, there are many things about that April night that will always haunt him.

"I have my moments with my daughter, and God believe you me," he said. "It bothers me to know what she went through and it bothers me more to know she may could still be with us here today."

Investigators would not go on camera to answer our questions, saying rescuers did the best they could given the circumstances.

The Texas City police chief says they are trying to cooperate with Kristin's family and get them the information they are asking for.

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