Doug Pinnick of King's X talks Houston

HOUSTON The rock band's latest album, XV, which debuted last week, marks a long career for the trio.

Lead singer Doug Pinnick chatted with about the new album, Houston and what's next.

Mike McGuff: Tell us about your new album XV, what are the songs like?
Doug Pinnick: There is a wide variety of tunes, some mellow, many rockers, all three of us (Pinnick, Ty Tabor, Jerry Gaskill) did lead vocals also.

MM: Your sound has changed over the years, how is XV different than previous releases?
DP: I never noticed the change; I am way to close to it. I just let the music dictate and see what happens when the CD is finished. I let others tell me what they think, but for me, it's like looking at myself in a mirror. I find everything wrong and tend not to like any of it.

MM: Which bands have been influences on your music?
DP: The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Sly and the Family Stone, soul, gospel, blue grass and blues.

MM: It's rare that bands stay in Houston. What has caused you to remain here over the years and even feature the skyline in a music video?
DP: We love Texas and love to let the world know it. And it's the cheapest place in the US to live.

MM: What advice would you have for Houston bands looking to make it in the music business?
DP: Leave Houston, go where there's a big music scene. Your chances are better at attaining your dream. I say if the herd is not moving, then you're going nowhere.

MM: So when can we see a tour?
DP: At the Meridian with Extreme, it's called the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp Tour, check it out online!

MM: Any other band or solo projects coming up?
DP: I just released my solo CD Strum Sum Up. Ty (Tabor) is doing his solo CD right now. I am finishing up this summer, the project I have been working on with two members of Pearl Jam.

King's X will play with Extreme at the Meridian in Houston on August 19th.

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