Coping with the loss of classmates

KINGWOOD, TX Alexandra Hudson and Kathryn Disorbo died when the car they were in veered off Kingwood Drive Sunday night. And now, their teachers and friends are feeling the pain of their loss.

Everything looked normal at Kingwood High School Tuesday. But the mood all around was one of sadness and pain.

"I feel really upset," student Ryan Shanks. "It's going to be weird going to class and not seeing them there."

On Sunday night, the two teens were killed after the car they were in struck the curb on Kingwood Drive near Kings Crossing, then flipped onto its side and hit a tree. Police estimate their speed at 60 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone..

One grief counselor we spoke with seemed reluctant to answer our questions.

"It's very difficult, but I'd rather not comment," she told us when we asked what she says to students when they come to her.

But she and many others will be at the school today to comfort those who need it. They may be very busy. Kate and Alex were popular girls.

"Alex, for one, was one of the nicest girls I've ever met," said student Tyler Cheadle. "And Kate was energetic. You walk down the hallway and you see her first and it just makes you smile."

"She was always the one who would like you no matter who you were," said Matty Matlidge. "She was really nice."

Even the parents who dropped off their kids this morning seemed anxious and rattled. This one just hit too close to home.

"When my kids go out driving, that's always a concern," said parent Leslie Dunleavy.

"They were just too young for this kind of accident to happen," added parent John Covington. "It was just terrible."

There are 20 grief counselors at Kingwood High School. Between 50 to 80 students have sought them out so far today.

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