Nearly naked woman in bizarre police standoff

HOUSTON Police say were called out to a home on Bacher at St. Louis in northeast Houston. They say a partially clothed woman had crashed a car into the house, then jumped out with a shotgun and started shooting at people. No one was hit.

Police say the woman, Dora Sublett, then holed herself up in the house for several hours

"I'm not sure what happened to her, but I'm going to pray for her, and hope everything comes out OK," said relative Ricky Meador.

"It's upsetting and disappointing because I never knew her to do anything like this, never," said neighbor Kay Williams. "I've cried and I've asked God to help her."

Police say the woman fired the gun at them a couple times, so they shot back, hitting her in the arm. SWAT officers eventually stormed the house and used a Taser to subdue Sublett. She's expected to be OK. She was taken to Ben Taub Hospital for evaluation.

Family members say Sublett was distraught after attending her grandfather's funeral Saturday morning. She's now facing charges of aggravated assault of a peace officer.

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