Clemens moving forward with defamation suit

HOUSTON /*Hardin*/ says they are moving forward with the defamation suit against /*Brian McNamee*/. McNamee claims he injected /*Clemens*/ with human growth hormones more than a dozen times over three years. It's an allegation Clemens has denied.

The drama played out at a congressional level, with both Clemens and McNamee testifying before a congressional hearing back in February.

In response to Clemens' defamation lawsuit, McNamee filed a motion to dismiss. Tuesday was the deadline for Clemens' legal team to respond legally. And that's what Hardin says he's doing.

"Roger filed suit back in January in state court here. They removed it to federal court here," said Hardin. "Our allegation is that Mr. McNamee's claims are false and that Roger was libeled, defamed when he made them and so he sued on that basis."

Hardin says Clemens has said the only way to prove to the public that he didn't take HGH is to take it to a court for a jury to decide. The lawsuit will be filed in Judge Keith Ellison's court. We're told there's no limit to the amount of time for the court to respond to those papers.

See the lawsuit:
- First amended complaint
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