New info on child found in freezer

HOUSTON The gruesome find was made inside one of the units at the In-Town Suites along Highway 6. The body was found frozen solid in a duffel bag inside the freezer. At a press conference Friday afternoon, we learned that police believe the baby boy, whose name we've learned was Devin, was born in December of 2006. Police say he had been in the freezer since May of last year.

"The exact reason why they put the child in the freezer is something that we're still working on," said C.P. Abbey with the Houston Police Department. "There's going to be some CPS history in this case, with these individuals. That's certainly a possibility, that they were afraid to alert authorities about this and that they decided to dispose of the child's body. Keep in mind we have no idea how this child died. The possibility exists that this could be a SIDS related death and then these people made bad decisions and overreacted."

Police say the child's mother, Crystal Sosa, and her boyfriend, Dezmond Blake admitted they placed the child in the freezer a year ago. Blaze, who lived at the In-Town Suites unit where the disturbing discovery was made, called police to report the child. The baby was still wearing a diaper and was frozen solid.

Police also recovered a handgun in the room.

Blake and Sosa are charged with felony tampering with evidence, however the charges could be upgraded.

"It's really a difficult concept to put your arms around that these people could have lived in this apartment for a year, still used the refrigerator and freezer, knowing full well that their child was inside the freezer," said Abbey.

Child Protective Services tells us that both Blake and Sosa have a record with them. Sosa's 2-year-old boy is in CPS custody right now. That child was born with marijuana in his system.

They both each have criminal records as well. Sosa was charged in 2007 with prostitution. In 2004, Blake was charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest.

Police say both of them are showing remorse.

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