Deputy shot during robbery

HOUSTON The shootout happened just after 7am Thursday outside the Taqueria Aranda on Uvalde near Woodforest.

In the midst of morning rush hour, just in time for breakfast, Luis and Maria Rosales noticed a man walking in to the restaurant. Investigators say he had just robbed one person and was about to commit another crime.

"I saw the waitress panic, so I knew something was going on," said Luis.

The family watched as the suspect, identified as Sammie Jones, robbed the restaurant and then stepped outside. That's when he was confronted by Harris County sheriff's deputy Don McCall.

"Our deputy fired at the suspect. The suspect fired at our deputy. Our deputy was hit one time in the left thigh. The suspect was hit multiple times."

After the gun battle, the suspect ran across the street into an apartment complex and was caught by officers.

"It could have hit my window, my boys' window," said apartment resident Leila Reed. "We just need it to be safe."

Jones was transported in critical condition, while the sheriff's deputy will be alright.

The gunfight left the neighborhood shaken, but relieved that a man who had already committed two robberies in one day will now not be hurting anyone.

Investigators believe Jones is wanted on a murder charge out of Louisiana.

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