Man fights back against home invaders

MISSOURI CITY, TX Quentin Durisseau, 27, lives in his mother's home on Grand Park Drive near Texas Parkway. He was home alone at the time of the incident. Police say he happened to have a gun close by in the living room.

When the suspects forced their way into the home, police say Durisseau opened fire twice, striking one of the suspects. Investigators say at least one of the suspects returned fire. Durisseau was not hit.

The suspects then fled. Eyewitness found one of the injured suspects outside the Quail Green West Recreation Center. The injured suspect, Darrall Houston, 40, collapsed across the street after being shot in the chest. Eyewitnesses say they saw him stuff something in a nearby storm drain before he collapsed.

"In that storm drain, we found a pistol, ski mask and a pair of gloves. We recovered that as evidence," said Captain John Bailey with the Missouri City Police Department. "We still don't know who the second individual was that was involved in this call."

Police say the gun found in that drain was actually reported to Houston police some time ago as stolen. Authorities don't know why the suspects would try and break into this home.

The wounded suspect was taken to the hospital, where he's in stable condition. The second suspect is still at large. Police don't have much of a description on him. They're hoping surveillance video from a recreation center might yield some clues.

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