DA investigating secret surveillance

HOUSTON We first told you about how the squad conducted surveillance on Erik and Sean Ibarra after they sued the department. Some lawmakers have spoken out saying that squad smells of impropriety.

The revelation of the criminal investigation came this afternoon, via a letter the DA sent to the attorney general that we've obtained. 13 Undercover first confirmed the surveillance of the Ibarra brothers last week. They were the ones who sued the sheriff's office for civil rights violations and won a big judgment against the sheriff. The surveillance occurred just weeks before the trial. Lawmakers demanded the state investigate the spying.

"Taxpayers are paying a secret group to spy on citizens," said State Senator Mario Gallegos. "It's wrong."

Today the attorney general offered the DA help to investigate. The DA said, 'Thanks, but we're already investigating.' (read full letter) It's confirmation our discovery has now led to a criminal probe of a sheriff's department already under fire for costing taxpayers millions in the civil rights case.

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