Large marijuana bust in Logan

LOGAN - May 16, 2008 While responding to a burglary call around 3:30 this morning, police discovered the huge marijuana growing operation inside the building.

Three people are being questioned by detectives at this hour.

The operation was carried out through 3 floors of the building, which investigators say was stocked with an estimated 300 plants, at a projected worth upwards of $700,000.

Along with the plants were all sorts of heat lamps and other equipment used to grow pot in the city. "They've got an irrigation system in there. They have chemicals, root enhancer. They have an air conditioning system to keep the temperature at a certain temperature. They have grow lights, and they have aluminum foil on the inside to reflect the light. It's a pretty impressive operation, but a very dangerous operation," said Police Inspector Bob Snyder.

Warrants have been served on the house.

The police called L&I to the scene to inspect the building's integrity.

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