Boy hit by vehicle while riding bike

PASADENA, TX It happened just after 8pm at the service road of the East Beltway 8 in Pasadena.

The little boy was coming out of a gate at the La Paloma Apartments on his bicycle when a small SUV was traveling on the east frontage road of Beltway 8 near Ramsey. Pasadena police told Eyewitness News that the driver tried to swerve but could not miss the boy.

The 5-year-old was thrown about 50 feet from his bicycle. One of his neigbors thinks he was trying to get a ball that had gone into the street.

"They were playing right there. And the ball went over there and the kid tried to go down the ramp, but he couldn't stop no more. So, he just went. And like, the car tried to dodge him, but it hit him," said Herman Martinez, a neigbor.

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