New behavior policy for Humble students

HUMBLE, TX The district changed the rules governing student behavior, and breaking them could keep some kids from participating in things like band, theater and sports.

These days, you'd be hard pressed to find a school district in Texas that didn't have penalties for students caught using drugs or alcohol on campus during school hours.

"If the parents aren't going to keep an eye on their kids, I agree with that," said Deborah Gullet, who supports the new policy.

Humble ISD is taking its policy a step further to include after-hours and off school property. Starting next year, anyone caught using will be banned from extracurricular activities.

"We certainly don't want to violate anyone's rights," said Superintendent Dr. Guy Sconzo. "But again, I underscore participation in an extracurricular activity isn't a right. It's a privilege."

For alcohol, first time violators face a 30 day suspension from activities, a year for a second offense, indefinitely from the activity and school for a second drug violation. Students we talked to say it's needed.

"Things are pretty bad right now and we need to get it right for a better education," said Humble High School student Shannon Nettles.

While some favor tougher policies, some question the district's decision, calling it too extreme. The line, they say, has to be drawn somewhere.

"As a grandparent, I think it starts at home," said parent Retha Anderson. "You rear your children, you discipline your children, you teach your children right from wrong. It's not the school district's entire responsibility to teach my children. I have to have a foundation at home. at home."

You might be wondering how will they enforce the new rules. And can kids get others in trouble by making a false report? District administrators tell us they're not just going to take someone's word for it. They'll settle for nothing less than concrete proof.

This story was brought to you through our partnership with Houston Community Newspapers. You can read more about the changes in the parent-student handbook in the Humble Observer.

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