Sex offender living in filth with animals

HOUSTON After first denying he was their guy, authorities say James Hale, 56, gave them consent to search his home. Hale was taken into custody. Deputies say they were serving two felony warrants -- one for possession of child pornography and another for failing to keep them apprised of his home address.

Hale was convicted in 1999 for possession/promotion of child pornography. He received 10 years probation.

"This was a criminal warrant for having failed to register," explained Lt. John Legg with the Harris County Sheriff's office. "As you know, there are rules that one must comply with once they've been convicted of a sexual offense. He failed to comply with those rules, and therefore a warrant was issued."

On Hale's computer, authorities say they found what could be child pornography. Inside the trailer home deputies also discovered an overpowering stench. They say there was feces and trash everywhere. Twenty cats and a dog were seized by the SPCA as a result.

Officials with the SPCA say the animals were in decent health, but because the environment inside the trailer was so dirty, they felt it necessary to take the animals. A judge will decide within 10 days if the county will be allowed to keep them and put them up for adoption.

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