Teacher tapes child's mouth shut

CLEVELAND, TX The teacher is on leave and has apologized, but why did he put the tape on that child in the first place?

"He said he couldn't breathe for a second," explained the child's grandfather Charles Brantley. "My grandson suffers from asthma."

Brantley says his grandson Stephan, 5, told him teacher Todd Limbaugh put tape on his mouth when he stepped out of a line in a class at Douglass Pre-K School.

"The teacher put tape, the tape that you put on boxes and mail different packages," he said. "White clear tape on his mouth."

Brantley says he wants the Cleveland Independent School District to fire Todd Limbaugh. District superintendent Kerry Cowart told us the class was having a motor skills exercise with tape on the floor. Cowart says Limbaugh asked Stephan if he wanted him to put tape over his mouth because he was talking too much and being out of line.

"Mr. Todd had told her that he was gonna put tape on Stephan's mouth and that Stephan's response was, uh, do it then," Charles said.

Limbaugh spoke to the boy's grandmother by phone that same day.

"He said that he don't think it hurt him any kind a way because it wasn't on there a long time," said Stephan's grandmother Glenda Brantley. "He made a mistake. He knows he shouldn't have done it."

Limbaugh will remain on paid administrative leave pending a school board meeting May 19th.

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