Science experiment leads to school evacuation

TOMBALL, TX Things are back to normal now, but it wasn't that way at 7:15am. That's when a science teacher was preparing an experiment and something went wrong. That teacher went to the nurse's office, telling them he had been exposed to the chemical amylalcohol.

We're told seven students and 13 teachers were taken to the hospital. Most have been released, but one teacher is still being checked out.

After the accident, half of the students were kept inside the school, while the other half were evacuated to the school stadium, where they stayed until the all-clear was given.

Students are now back in class. Tomball ISD is preparing a letter that they're going to hand out to students to give to their parents, explaining what happened there.

We've been working on this story through our partnership with Houston Community Newspapers and the Tomball Potpourri.

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