Teen stabbed inside high school

DICKINSON, TX The stabbing happened around 2:30pm at Dickinson high school. The school's principal wouldn't answer our questions on camera, but gave us a brief statement, describing what happened.

He said the stabbing happened on campus in a hallway in front of other students. A 15-year-old boy was stabbed in the back. He was taken by Life Flight to UTMB in Galveston.

While we don't know his current condition, we do know that he was conscious and responsive when paramedics transported him.

As for the possibility of retaliation or future violence, police downplay that possibility.

"At this point in our investigation, there's no indication that this was meant for any one student or what the reasoning was behind it," said Dickinson Police Department Detective Tim Cromie. "So I would just tell parents that their students coming to school tomorrow are in no more danger than they were coming to school yesterday or the day before that."

"I'm out of my mind," said parent Sandra Bartley. "They're still not saying who this is or whose child is this."

Police say they know who did the stabbing, but that person, a 14 to 15-year-old boy, is not in custody. Police have also identified the stabbing victim, however they're not releasing that child's name. His parents have been notified.

As for students, they can expect to see extra security on campus on Thursday.

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