Unfinished business for Memorial's Whitsett

HOUSTON Corey has a game we all want. He recently won his second 5A region III championship by eight strokes, despite what he says was shaky putting. Hitting a hole in one, though, didn't hurt.

"It was 200 yards downhill downwind. I just hit 7 iron, hit it a foot short and it rolled in," he told us.

"How many does that make for you?" we asked.

"Four," answered Cory, before telling us it was the second one in the last five days.

A little luck never hurts. Cory is both lucky and good. You can call him a natural. His first swing came before he turned 2. His first tournament victory was when he was 10.

Last summer, he won the USGA Jr. Amateur, earning an exemption from U.S. Open local qualifying. He'll go straight to sectional qualifying June 2 out at Shadowhawk.

"I'm out there once a week probably, to see my teacher," he said. "I get out there. I think about."

Up first, though, is the state tournament this week in Austin. Last year, Cory finished in a tie for second behind Clements' Blake Redmon, leaving some unfinished business this time.

"I don't really do that before tournaments, look at who's in the field and base it on that. I just try and go out and hit the best shot I can, take one shot at a time," he said. "I know you guys probably hate that line, but it's the perfect way to play golf."

Hey, no reason to go against a winning formula.

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