Man opens fire on SWAT officers

HOUSTON Shots rang out in the middle of the night as the man held authorities at bay for 10 hours. Investigators say it all began around 7pm Friday when sheriff's deputies responded to a shooting on Crystalwood Court. They found a 60-year-old man shot in the leg.

Witnesses identified Donald Jenks, 73, as a suspect. When deputies went to Jenks' house, he greeted them with a gun.

Michael Landrum with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office explained, "They told him to exit the residence. He refused, shut the door and discharged his firearm one time."

Authorities couldn't coax Jenks out even after firing pepper and tear gas into the home. He finally surrendered around 6am Saturday.

Jenks now faces charges of deadly conduct and assault on a peace officer. No officers were hurt by the gunfire. The man who was shot in the leg is OK.

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