911 call before woman's death haunts family

TEXAS CITY, TX Does he want to hear the 911 call, which ends with the death of his daughter? The 20-year old woman drowned last week, and her final minutes were recorded.

Early last Saturday morning, a few hours before dawn, Kristen Sanchez lost control of her car and careened into a shallow pond. She was on her cell phone calling for help.

Texas City/Galveston County responded, but the help came too late. Sanchez was pulled from the car by firefighters. She was pronounced dead at a Texas City hospital. But her family is haunted by what happened in her final minutes. The police department has offered to let Sanchez's father hear the 911 call she made. And he may do that.

"I want to know. I want to know, if those officers jumped in the water to rescue her," Ronnie Sanchez said.

The Texas City Police Department is still investigating the accident. Kristen Sanchez's family says she may have been drinking when she lost control of her car. If so, they want to know who served alcohol to a minor.

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