Dispute nearly turns disastrous

HOUSTON Myrel Courtney was just trying to get home on a Friday during the rush hour commute. He says a METRO bus nearly took him out on the freeway. And to top it off, when he confronted the METRO bus driver, the driver took off with his arm caught in the door.

Courtney was on his Enduro Friday afternoon on I-10 when he says a METRO bus almost ran him off the road.

"The car in front of me, with nothing else to do, either hit the wall or hit the brakes," said Courtney. "She locks up her brakes. I lock up the brakes on my bike. I start sliding sideways."

An annoyed Courtney regains control and follows the bus to the park and ride at Highway 6 and I-10.

After passengers get off, he walks in to get the driver's name to file a complaint.

"He looked at me and said, 'Get the f&*%$ of my bus,'" said Courtney. "I said, 'Sir, all I want is your name.' And he goes, 'Get the f$*% off my bus.'"

Courtney says as he stepped off the bus, the driver shut his arm in the door, put the bus in gear and started driving away, picking up speed.

"I'm banging on the bus saying, 'Dude, you got my arm!' He is looking at me smiling and laughing," said Courtney. "I'm like, 'Dude, you got my arm. You got my arm.'"

Courtney says for a few seconds, he actually tried to pull his camera phone out of his pocket to document the event, but the driver was gaining speed.

"I shoved my cell phone back in my pocket," he said. "I'm still banging and yelling and then I reached to grab the mirror because he is picking up speed out of the parking lot."

Finally, he says screams from a witness stopped the driver.

His arm was released and the METRO bus driver took off. A distraught Courtney calls 911.

"Somebody with so many people's lives in their hands is, first of all, driving like a maniac and then has absolutely no regard for life," said Courtney.

Courtney has filed a police report with METRO police. We did contact them. All they could tell us is that the incident is under investigation.

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