Woman gets stuck under light rail train

HOUSTON Part of the woman's leg was pinned under the train at the station at Main at Winbern.

The 30-year-old woman was standing on the platform with her mother when she fell off right into the path of an oncoming METRO train. She wasn't run over or hit by the train, but she wedged herself between the platform and street level and probably the tires of the light rail train.

People inside the train were beating on the window to try to alert the conductor.

"She was completely under the train. The paramedics were laying down on the platform, reaching underneath," said witness Bryant Eldridge. "Apparently they were talking to her, so I guess she was OK."

And apparently she was OK, for the most part. Crews brought in air bags to lift up the train. A doctor arrived and managed to extricate the woman's leg.

The woman is now at Ben Taub Hospital being examined. But the good news is she's still alive.

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