Family speaks out about stabbing

HOUSTON The attack happened Monday at Wunsche High School in Spring. The father is in custody, but the student's family says he's still scared.

The family spoke from Memorial Hermann Hospital - The Woodlands where their son is recovering. They say his wounds required surgery. While he is expected to make a full recovery physically, the family says healing mentally will be a challenge.

"He's scared," explained Robert Chapa, the victim's father. "(He's a) 17-year-old boy that we dropped off at school. Next thing you know, I'm getting called from my wife saying our son was stabbed."

Chapa says last two days have been a nightmare. He says it's unbelievable to think that his son would end up at the hospital after dropping him off at school - a place he says should be safe.

He said, "So many things run through your mind. You never as parent or father expect to get this type of call. I was just beyond frantic."

Chapa's son Joshua was stabbed three times - in the chest, stomach and hand - Monday morning at Wunsche High School. On Wednesday, Ruben Cuellar Romo was charged with stabbing him. Romo was upset over allegations that his daughter had been sexually assaulted at an off-campus party by another student. Court documents say the daughter pointed at Joshua and said he was part of the assault.

Chapa says at first he didn't even know it was an adult who had attacked his son.

He said, "At that point in time I was very upset that an adult could walk into school carrying a weapon and maliciously attack a child."

The Chapas say they spoke out to give their son a voice. They say he had nothing to do with the alleged sexual assault.

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