Face to face with a killer?

KINGWOOD, TX And now, still frightened from that attack, he wants his story told. But he wants his identity kept secret.

Take a close look at the two men above. Do they look the same? One is a robbery suspect. The other, accused killer /*Timoteo Rios*/, is on the run from the law.

"When I looked at him, I froze in place," said the man.

Two years ago, this Kingwood homeowner came face to face with an armed intruder.

"I presume he was here to rob, torture and kill," he said.

The homeowner had protection of his own, and while the two exchanged gunfire, only one would end up hurt.

"I emptied the whole gun on his legs," said the homeowner. "I know I got him because he yelled out to his accomplices, 'Hey man, I've been hit, I don't know if I can make it out.' That's all he said. I'll never forget those words as long as I live."

Or that face. While the robber got away, he was there long enough for the homeowner to get a good look at him. Sketch artist Lois Gibson crafted a composite sketch.

"She couldn't draw him exact, but that's pretty close," said the homeowner.

He was recently on abc13.com reading about Tina Davila's murder when he saw Rios' picture.

"I darn well knew that was the man that faced me off in my home the morning of February 2," he said.

Eerie coincidence or are these two men one in the same? You decide. He already has.

"I pray to God he's caught and put away forever and ever and ever or put to death," he told us.

As of now, Rios is still not behind bars. Sheriff's Department authorities say they're doing everything they can to find him.

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