Hobby Airport testing new security lanes

HOUSTON The self-select program divides security lanes into three categories, allowing travelers to select a lane that fits their pace and knowledge of the security rules. Hobby Airport is one of the few airports across the country that is now testing out this new system.

The system divides travelers into three different groups. The black lane is for those who are frequent travelers, for those who travel two to three times a month. They know the drill and they know to have out their boarding passes and IDs, as well as which electronics to have out.

The blue lane is for those who are more casual travelers. This lane is for those who travel a couple of times a year and aren't positive on the TSA rules and may need a little more time.

The green lane is for those who rarely travel and for families with small children. This lane is also for elderly people who may need special assistance.

"It's so much easier. I'm travelling without my husband and I've got DVDs, jackets, food so it's definitely been a lot easier," said traveler Emily An.

This is a self-select system. You are not forced to get into particular lane. It is only there to aid the passengers in moving through the process a lot easier.

Hobby Airport is one of dozen airports across the county that is testing out the lane system. It will be up to other airports to determine if they want to use this system as well.

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