Local day care ordered to close

HOUSTON With hours notice, the state moved in Monday to close down the day care where that toddler was abducted, allegedly by an employee.

Parents picked up their kids early Monday, the few children who still remained at Mothercare day care on Beech Cove at Beechnut.

"I don't really want to do an interview unless it's going to be positive because I don't want anything negative said about this day care," said one parent with whom we spoke.

Ten days ago, a toddler was abducted from the center. A trainee whose own child had been taken by CPS was arrested and charged in the abduction. The little girl was found unharmed, but it triggered another state investigation.

On Monday, CPS compliance monitors hand delivered a notice of emergency suspension to the day care, the last entry in a list of 87 deficiencies noted by the state over the past three years. Some concerned a lack of training on the part of the staff; lack of CPR training, lack of supervision and lack of criminal background check.

The day care worker arrested ten days ago on the abduction charge had not undergone such a background check, according to the state. Moreover, investigators claim the day care operator knew the employee's child had been placed in CPS custody.

"If you know that somebody has been a danger to their own child, their own child is in foster care, then why would you allow that person to be alone with young children who can't speak for themselves and might be in danger," said Gwen Carter with CPS.

The day care operator has a right to appeal the emergency suspension and has the right to an administrative hearing. She would not comment to us on Monday.

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