Suspect caught with gator in his car

April 16, 2008 5:24:50 PM PDT
A state trooper found a six foot alligator in the back seat of a burglary suspect's car early Saturday morning. [SEE PHOTOS OF GATOR]

The trooper told Eyewitness News that William Johnson found the gator in the road near Angleton and loaded it up into his Buick Regal, then broke into a house in Brazoria.

DPS Trooper Steve Stanfield explained, "From my understanding, he tried to get a big screen TV out of the house. He couldn't get it in the car by himself, so he recruited a neighbor, who, when he saw the alligator, dropped the TV and said, 'Alright, I ain't got nothing to do with it.'"

Officers arrested Johnson and a game warden took the alligator.

Officers also told us on Friday, they found Johnson with a four and a half foot water moccasin that had bitten him. Johnson did not suffer ill effects from the snake bite.

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