Medic gets $60 towing bill while giving CPR

JACKSON, MI Jackson County Undersheriff Tom Finco said the department was paying back Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Tim Moore as "a goodwill gesture."

"(Moore) said it wasn't necessary, he understood, but we sent him a check anyway," Finco said.

Moore, 24, who had just returned from Iraq, was driving on Interstate 94 on April 2 when he saw an ambulance parked on the side. He pulled over and comforted a woman whose fiance had suffered a heart attack inside the ambulance.

When the rescuers learned of Moore's medical training, they asked if he would help administer CPR. He left his truck on the exit ramp and got in. The man died at Foote Hospital in Jackson.

In the meantime, Moore's truck -- parked partly over the white line marking the side of the road -- was deemed a travel hazard and towed.

Moore, now stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C., said people have been sending checks to his parents after word spread about the towing bill, but he plans to donate that money to veterans' charities.

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