West U. passes cell phone ordinance

HOUSTON In a one-of-its-kind ban in the state of Texas, you can't use your cell phone within three blocks of the elementary school during school hours, and that includes hands-free devices as well.

As expected, West University's city council gave the new ordinance the thumbs up tonight. AT&T spoke out against the ordinance Monday night, but citing public safety, the city council gave it the thumbs up.

First-time offenders could be fined $200, and repeat violators could pay $500 per citation.

"It only applies when you're moving," said West University City Council Member Phyllis Cohen. "So I mean, if you see on your caller id it's your child calling or if you're a doctor and you see you've been paged, you just pull over. I mean, you just pull your car over to the curb," said West University Councilmember Phyllis Cohen.

The cell phone ban also includes text messaging and looking at pictures on cell phones.

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