New details in discovery of body

GALVESTON, TX The naked, hog-tied body of Gary Wayne Bell was found in the water next to a still unfinished home at the end of a cul-de-sac, an unnerving discovery for any homeowner, but to hear homeowner Wayne Vaught tell it, it's happened there a few times before.

"Mr. Durst, he dumped his body in this area and we found another floater a couple o0f years ago," said Vaught.

Galveston police confirm that this is the same location where real estate heir Robert Durst dumped the dismembered body parts of his neighbor a few years back. But investigators say that's just an eerie coincidence. For now, they're focusing on who killed Bell Sunday morning and dumped his body off Galveston Island.

"I don't think there's anything going on," said Chief Clayton Moore with the Galveston Police Department. "I just think it happens when you have a prevailing north wind like we had on that day with some good tide, that you might commonly see something wash up on that particular area of the shoreline, but there's no commonality to any of these crimes."

There is no one under arrest yet for Bell's killing. But police believe whatever crime led to his body being dumped in the bay happened in Galveston County. They're looking for his car, a PT Cruiser, and whomever might be driving it.

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