Tax returns due today

HOUSTON It seems to sneak up on us so quickly. Tax day is here, and you'd better have a plan. This year, post office officials are expecting a 30-percent higher turnout for last minute filers, because of federal rebate checks. Many of those arriving at local post offices will simply be picking up extension forms.

Many Houston locations will offer extended hours today. The main post office, full retail services will be available until midnight.

Similiar services at the air mail center station at Bush Intercontinental Airport were relocated to the Foxbrook Finance unit in February, which is located in the 7200 block of Foxbrook Plaza in Humble.

In addition, seven curbside collection sites will be available starting at 4 pm and running through midnight. And by the way, it you haven't sent your taxes in yet, you're not alone. An estimated 20 percent of all Americans wait until the last week to file.

This year, the average tax refund Americans will receive is about $2,700. Taxpayers will spend more than a day and over $200 to collect, calculate and compile the numbers for their return. The IRS estimates 21 percent of federal individual income taxes go unpaid each year, which was about $300 billion last year.

The main Houston post office is expecting a rush of tax returns today. The downtown branch at Franklin and Bagby will be open until midnight to take forms from last-minute filers. Everyone must file their forms today, even if they need an extension.

About half of all tax returns will be mailed this year. That equals about 59-million pieces of extra mail for the post office to handle.

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