Tanker truck overturns, causes fuel spill

HOUSTON The tanker carrying gasoline overturned on Highway 90 and Beltway 8. At least 2,500 gallons of gas was spilled as a result of the accident. Authorities say there is no health threat and that there is no evacuation in progress.

Apparently, the driver was traveling north on Beltway 8 and tried to make a turn on US Highway 90 east and didn't quite make it.

The tanker overturned, spilling the gasoline onto the roadway. HazMat crews, along with pollution control crews, were on the scene to clean up the fuel.

The driver was examined by EMS and is OK. He was never transported to the hospital.

Crews say it may take more than four hours to clean up the mess.

The northbound traffic is being affected by the accident. To check your traffic just Click Here.

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