Several jump from window to escape fire

HOUSTON Some neighbors had to escape by jumping out their windows.

Crews were called to the Woodland Place Apartments on Broadway near Bellfort just before 1am. When they got there, flames were shooting from the second floor of the apartment building.

A third alarm was called because of the time of the fire and the possibility crews would have to rescue people from their units. Those who live there also did what they could to help their neighbors as well.

"We were asleep. They woke up us up around 1:20 in the morning. The police were beating hysterically so we came on, we got up and we got out here," said resident Lakisha Ardardie.

"We started running. We started kicking doors and knocking on doors and this one family, they had to jump out the window. I just had to jump over the fence and catch the kid, catch the wife and got the husband down," said resident Corey Johnson.

Arson investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire. The fire captain said they are looking into claims of gunshots about 15 minutes before this fire started. There was an apparent argument at the unit where the gunshots may have come from

For now, they are just saying the fire is very suspicious.

The Red Cross is on scene, helping victims of the fire. We are told 10 to 12 units were destroyed.

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