Discovery Green Park opens downtown

HOUSTON Organizers hope the 12-acre park will get more people to come out to downtown Houston. Sunday's opening had all the fanfare of a high end private party, but this park will forever be a public affair.


"I think it's exceeded everybody's expectations," said Houston Mayor Bill White.

Discovery Green is the result of both private money and public funds. It represents what some have been saying for years, that downtown needs a stylish park for both visitors and locals alike.

"The food is very good, reasonably priced and a very extensive wine list," said park goer Norman Couillard.

The park itself has many of the amenities you'd expect -- playgrounds, water fountains, and a one acre lake. But what sets it apart is a dining experience you might expect closer to malls or high rises, and the fact that it sits in the heart of downtown.

"This is a fantastic park. And what makes it distinctive is that it's right down in the center of the city," said Mayor White.

Nestled next to the George Brown Convention Center and within walking distance of both Minute Maid Park and Toyota Center, luxury apartments and hotels are sprouting up on all sides.

"When people come here to visit, their vision and image of Houston is now changed because of this park," said Houston City councilmember Sue Lovell.

The park will be open daily from 6am to 11pm. You can even bring your dog to meet new friends. It's already a hit and folks say they'll come back, no matter what time of year.

"Mingle and bring the kids out and the economy, make it go up," said Houstonian Javier Palos.

"I think it's great. I think it's wonderful, right in the middle of downtown. That should tell you," said Port Arthur resident Glenn Alexander.

As for parking, Discovery Green has it hidden. There is a parking garage underneath it.

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