Officer opens fire on chase suspect

HOUSTON It began around 2:15am when an officer noticed an SUV driver acting strange at Lockwood and Lions at a hotel parking lot. The SUV was there blocking the entrance with the lights off. When the officers turned to shine lights on the SUV, the driver sped off.

The chase lasted about five minutes when the suspect turned on a side street off Shotwell, which dead ends at the railroad track. He bailed from the SUV took off on foot.

The officer ran after him. At one point, the suspect reached toward his waistband and the officer fired one shot after giving several warnings for the guy to stop and put his hands up. He allegedly did not, so the officer fired one shot, hitting the suspect in the ankle.

The suspect was transported to the hospital.

A man and a woman inside the SUV did not run. They are both being questioned.

No weapons were found on the suspect or in the SUV. Authorities are still unclear on why the driver took off.

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