Student dies after being pulled from pool

HOUSTON It happened around 2:30pm at Westside High School. Two to three students decided to jump into the deep end of that pool after they were told to stay away. One of the students, Vincent Chukwueloka Agwouke, 17, had jumped in but didn't come back up. That's when a coach and student jumped in to try to help.

"There was a teacher in the pool area when this happened, but she was in the other end of the pool and didn't see this happen," said Terry Abbott with HISD. "The young man was in the water for several minutes, perhaps as long as three to four minutes. A coach spotted him in the water. A coach and a student jumped into the water and pulled him out."

Agwouke was pronounced dead shortly after 4pm at Memorial City Hospital.

The district is calling this a terrible accident. Agwouke was an only son and was set to graduate next month. He's gone to Westside all four years. An investigation is underway as to why he and the classmates jumped in after they were told to stay away from the deep end.

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