Mother: "I didn't raise a killer"

HOUSTON /*Brian Davis*/ is behind bars for the brutal murder of a Houston woman. And now, investigators are working to see if Davis may have something to do with the serial murders of women whose bodies were found dumped in Acres Homes. But his mother says there's no way.

We confirmed Monday that Houston police are now calling Davis a person of interest in at least one of the original six Acres Homes murders. Meantime, Davis' mother is jumping to her son's defense. She's convinced he's innocent, calling the case against her son a vendetta.

As Davis appeared before a judge for the first time since his arrest on Friday, his mother pleaded with the public not to pre-judge him.

"I didn't raise a killer and I don't feel like he has a murderous heart," said Shirley Davis. "I would just like for everyone to give him a fair chance to have a fair day in court."

Prosecutors allege that Davis kidnapped Kandus Hightower-Sharp, stabbed her several times, set her on fire and then dumped her body near the Acres Homes area last August. Investigators say they linked Davis to her murder through DNA evidence found in the trunk of a vehicle that belongs to Davis' girlfriend.

"Investigators will be on the case interviewing all the people, him and those who've made all the allegations at this point," said defense attorney Tyrone Moncriffe.

Despite the evidence, Shirley Davis, who was joined by a local civil rights activist, claims the case against her son isn't so clear cut. She says he was set up by the same informant who first tipped off police.

"There's this young man and he wanted Brian to do his bidding," she said. "Brian refused. Do to Brian refusing, this is the result of what's taken place."

While Davis is facing just one capital murder charge, Houston police are calling him a person of interest in the death of 18-year-old Willie Bianca Jones, one of the original six Acres Homes victims. Prosecutors remain tight lipped about any ongoing investigations.

"It is our policy not to comment on what investigations may or may not be going on, so I'd stay away from that," said prosector Julian Ramirez.

Davis is being questioned in all six murders. He's being held without bond at the Harris County Jail. He's due back in court May 7.

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