Video from Emilio's crash released

HOUSTON Eyewitness News has been able to get a hold of the police audio recordings and dash cam video from the crash. The recordings give insight into the wreck that blocked the West Loop and nearly killed /*Emilio*/.


The audio recordings reveal conversations between two Bellaire police officers who arrived just minutes after the crash and tried to describe the scene to a dispatcher.

Officer: "We've got a guy laying in the middle of the freeway, too."
Dispatcher: "Do what?"

The dash cam video shows one officer driving 90 miles an hour up the Loop to get to that scene. You can make out Emilio's bus in the background where the West Loop northbound exit ramp splits off to the Southwest Freeway. The officers spotted the Tejano singer lying in the road near his wrecked bus.

Officer: "It's one of those motor home busses."
Dispatcher: "OK"
Officer: "You've got one whole side that's up off the ground. The front's torn up...northbound at the barrels looks like you've got HFD ambulance. You've got a bus that looks like it hit the barrels and it's up, it's not laying over yet"

The dash cam video also shows paramedics taking away someone on a gurney. We do not know if that is Emilio or one of his injured bandmates.

Emilio remains in critical condition. Authorities have not released the toxicology reports from the singer's blood and they've not yet determined a cause for that violent crash.

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