Homeowner pulls shotgun on intruder

April 3, 2008 5:31:49 PM PDT
A homeowner in southeast Houston grabbed a shotgun and opened fire on a suspected burglar on his property. It happened earlier this afternoon on Bois d'Arc and La Paseo near Seguin Elementary School. The homeowner says he saw a man trying to get into his garage so he grabbed his shotgun.

That homeowner took aim and opened fire, hitting the suspected burglar with 20 buckshot pellets. The suspect is in the hospital with injuries to his leg.

That homeowner faces no charges under the Texas Castle Doctrine which allows residents to protect their property with deadly force.

However that's not necessarily the case when it comes to protecting your neighbor's property as is the case with Joe Horn. You may remember the Pasadena resident shot and killed two men who were burglarizing the home next to his. It happened in November.

Despite a 911 operator asking Horn not to confront the men, he did and killed them both.

There is still no decision as to whether or not he'll face any criminal charges. The district attorney's office says a grand jury will eventually get the case.

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