Guttenberg talks dance and Houston

NEW YORK Guttenberg, who starred in such films as Police Academy, Three Men and a Baby and Cocoon, talked with about the show and his time volunteering at the Houston Astrodome after Hurricane Katrina.

Mike McGuff: Will it be nice to take a rest after the famously grueling Dancing with the Stars regimen?

Steve Guttenberg: It wasn't tiring, it was inspiring!! It's hard for me to think about anyone leaving the show, it is one big happy team. It is a great workout...dancing. Everyone should try it. In fact, one of the things I love about the show is that it does encourage people all over the country to go out and get involved in dancing. It's great for your body, great for your spirit, great for your marriage or whatever significant relationship you might be in. Plenty of the emails I received were people passing that information to me and with great gratitude for the show having brought that into their lives.

MM: In 2005 as Katrina refugees lived in the Houston Astrodome, I heard you were there volunteering. But unlike many other celebrities, you weren't going on a tour of the property for press coverage. Why is volunteering important to you?

SG: I went to Katrina under the radar as a volunteer. I enjoyed the great sense of purpose I gained there and surprising the clients of the relief center when they realized someone from Hollywood was there to help them. That seemed to be somewhat meaningful to them, and people who hadn't had anything to smile about sometimes rewarded me with a smile. That's one of the biggest paychecks I ever received. I made many friends, and during the Dancing with The Stars exposure, I've received such positive support from the people of Katrina. They said I sent them hope every time they saw me on the show. Volunteering is an essential American tradition. We all need to chip in our time.

MM: I understand that the Police Academy series was to be resurrected but the project has been stalled. Would you like to see a new movie or should it remain in the past?

SG: A lot of people wrote in to ask if Police Academy will be remade and if I'll be part of it!! Hey, anything's possible!!

MM: What are some of your upcoming film projects?

SG: I have a comedy feature with Jessica Simpson, Major Movie Star, coming out in the summer, a thriller named Cornered and a family drama named Fatal Rescue all coming out in the fall. I am the luckiest guy on the planet and appreciate all I have.

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