The gift of speed

RICHMOND, TX We know some youngsters developed talent as they get older. Others find it through years of working out. A few, like Evan Miles, are born with it.

"We don't know what 'it' is. We know it when we see it," said Evan's coach, D.J. Anderson "He's got it. He's got it."

Evan's got it and it's easy to see when he's on the track, the basketball court and the football field. The Richmond area third grader recently returned with AAU Junior Olympics in Knoxville. Evan ran his way to a gold medal in the 100 meters in his age group.

"When did you know you were fast?" we asked Evan.

"I was beating everyone in my neighborhood," he told us.

"That's when you knew?"


"Ever get tired?" we asked.

"Sometimes, I have to drink lots of water after I run," he said.

April 6 is Evan's ninth birthday, and this little speedster appears to have only scratched the surface of his potential.

"Evan is truly one of those kids you see every 20 years," said Anderson.

Anderson, who coaches Evan's AAU basketball team, couldn't ask for a better player or a better example for Evan's teammates.

"His character is what I see that mostly sets him apart. In midst of 50 kids, he's one of those kids who you'd say, 'Who's that kid?' He just shines."

"The biggest accomplishment is he's a consistent honor roll student every grading period," said Evan's father, Jeff Miles. "He understands that's going to get him further in life."

If you think he's good on the basketball court and the track, you should see him on the football field.

"I scored four touchdowns in first game against Missouri City Raiders," said Evan.

"Anyone come close to tackling you?" we asked.

He shook his head.

Evan scored 32 touchdowns in just 11 games. But football, though, is not in Evan's future plans.

"I want to go to the NBA first," he said. "If I don't make that, I want to be a doctor."

Evan Miles, a kid with talent, a kid with a plan.

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