New details in death of pregnant woman

HUNTSVILLE, TX The key piece of evidence is a small black car. Investigators found it somewhere in the Houston area. They hope to match it to tire tracks found in the mud near shallow grave where Adams' body was found partially buried.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae told me investigators now have the vehicle which may have been used to dump Adams' body in a shallow grave in northern Walker County.

Sheriff McRae told us, "We have located a vehicle fitting the description of the vehicle that was observed in close proximity to the scene by a passing motorist."

Investigators are also working on plans for a photo lineup to see if that passing motorist could place the driver of that vehicle near the scene of the crime. While a warrant has not been issued for his arrest, /*Neriah Roberts*/ remains the prime suspect in the case.

While Adams and Roberts lived together in north Harris County as boyfriend and girlfriend, we've learned Adams was not the only woman in Roberts' life. Sources tell us he had another girlfriend, a woman from Ghana who was in this country illegally. They were together for about a year.

While police are not calling her a suspect in the Adams case, they believe she may know something about what happened. The problem is she did not cooperate with authorities when they questioned her and was turned over to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation to Africa.

Sheriff's investigators also tell us they traced a phone call made from Roberts' cell phone to a tower that wasn't far from her body. Roberts hasn't been seen or heard from in weeks.

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