Suspect confesses to unsolved robbery

ROSENBERG, TX On Monday, a pizza delivery person was robbed at 5525 Reading Road while out on a delivery. The victim told police that after he made his delivery and went back to his car, a black male wearing a black baseball cap and a black bandanna approached him and asked if he had any money and the victim replied, "No."

The suspect continued to come towards the delivery person and pulled out a black pistol. The suspect then asked, "Now do you have any money?"

The delivery person gave him about $19 in cash. The suspect then asked if the driver had any more money to which the driver replied, "No. I'm going to look down while you walk away."

A police investigation led an officer to an apartment where a juvenile lives who matches the description provided by the victim. After speaking with the suspect and an adult in the home, the adult allowed the officer to enter the home. The suspect was cooperative and agreed to be interviewed in greater detail.

The suspect was voluntarily transported to the police department and interviewed by Detective Raines. During this interview the suspect confessed to the robbery of the delivery driver along with another robbery that occurred on March 27. The suspect confessed to robbing two juveniles at 5525 Reading Road, also at gunpoint. He reportedly got $20 in that robbery.

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