Teacher told students to hit tardy classmate

DELTA, CO Brian Havel, 22, faces charges of child abuse in the March 14 case, said Delta interim Police Chief Roger Christian. Police began investigating after the student, who is 15 or 16, told his parents what happened, Christian said.

Christian said Havel demanded that the student do a certain amount of push-ups or sit-ups in a set amount of time when he arrived late for class. Christian said the student either refused to do the exercise or didn't finish in time.

"This was a disciplinary process that this teacher had used or was using," Christian said.

One of the students suggested they be allowed to hit their classmate for not completing the exercise, and Havel let them, he said. Christian said about 10 to 15 students participated in hitting the student.

The student wasn't injured, Christian said. The case is now being handled by the Delta prosecutor's office.

It's unknown whether Havel still works at the high school. He has an unlisted phone number and could not be reached for comment.

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