Couple killed by runaway driver

HOUSTON The driver didn't stick around and left the scene. The search is on for that driver who struck the young man and his pregnant girlfriend.

The mothers of both victim's say they are heartbroken. They were found dead in a ditch sometime between 7pm Saturday night and 7am Sunday. Investigators have few leads.

Two mothers, the same pain.

"The Hardest part is that I'll never see her again," said victim's mother Annette Taylor.

Taylor and Marilyn Walker will forever be linked by the tragedy that took their children.

Jennifer Taylor, 19, and Christopher Walker, 21, were walking along the side of East Hardy Road Saturday when a vehicle struck them from behind and just kept going.

"They just didn't care," Walker said.

The impact threw the couple in the ditch. They weren't found until Sunday morning. Jennifer was almost five months pregnant and hadn't learned the baby's gender. The coroner broke the news.

"She would have had a baby boy," Taylor said.

Investigators have little to go on. They collected a piece of purple fiberglass and will have it tested. Sheriff's deputies say somewhere out there is a vehicle with major front end damage and possible windshield damage.

The mother's need to know who killed their children.

"Please come forward, everyone has to pay the price," Taylor said.

They hope the person responsible isn't as cold-hearted as he or she seems.

"If you have a heart and care about human life, you're not going to leave something like that," Walker said. "You're not going to drive off and let two people die in the ditch, like a bag of trash."

And adding to their pain, no one from the sheriff's office called them until this afternoon to tell them anything about this case the mothers said. I called the sheriff's office today and the supervisor tells me that from here on out, they will give the families updates.

If you have information on this case call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS or the HCSO Traffic Enforcement Division 713-674-5393.

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